Peter is unique. He is educated, thorough, and explains his methodology when planning workout sessions. I would highly recommend giving him a try.
— Rob B., Thumbtack

Very professional and knowledgeable. Don’t let the nice guy appearance fool you though, he’s gonna make you WORK!!!! Awesome trainer!!!
— Reginald V., Thumbtack

Love the guy. A game changer, trust the process and enjoy the workout , it is great!
— Scott D., Thumbtack

Pete is a great trainer. He makes a custom plan for you depending on your goals and works with you to reach them. I personally have issues with my neck and back but didn’t worry about getting hurt because of certain stretches that were put into my routine. If you’re looking for a customized plan with great results I would have to recommend trying one of his workouts
— Tom R., Google

Exactly what I was looking for in a work out! Pete was very knowledgeable and took the time to learn about my wants and needs to get into shape. That was certainly the most fun work out I’ve ever had and look forward to the next one. Very professional and highly recommended.
— Michael S., Facebook

Peter’s knowledge , integrity and passion and his love for what he does explodes. Even with our first visit I know I will have several more with him in the current future.. Next week being the next one
— Carmine J., Thumbtack

Petros is very thoughtful in his instruction and makes sure I get the most out of each session.
— Anonymous, Thumbtack

The convenience and privacy of my own home with a quality trainer who has a wealth of knowledge and resources he uses in customizing routines
— Laurie B., Thumbtack

Great guy, friendly and easy going.
Prompt, available and approachable.
Comes prepared with a fully thought-out plan.
Very knowledgeable, and pays wicked close attention to every detail, including everything that is specific to you.
Insightful and has great instincts.
Really cares about the work.
Home run trainer.
— Jeff K., Google

Peter is an awesome trainer. He is very knowledgeable as well as very well equipped. He pays great attention to your concerns about your body and health and draws out a workout routine accordingly. He’s also very accommodating. I have had a few sessions with him already and the best part about his sessions are that each session is very different. We try new techniques and methods. He makes every session very interesting & fun. I am looking forward to the rest of my sessions :)
— Tina K., Thumbtack

Pete is an awesome trainer! Been my trainer for over 6 months and he hasn’t repeated a workout routine. Always coming up with new exercises based on your restrictions, activities that you actually like to do (kick boxing, weight lifting, spin, circuit training, etc), and most importantly your goals. Really takes the time to make sure your getting a great workout to achieve the results you want. Whatever your goals are Pete will help get you there!
— Amanda M., Thumbtack

I have been working with Peter of Workout Anywhere for a year. He is a terrific trainer. He takes the time to prepare my workouts and is flexible working around any discomforts or ailments I may experience. He never rushes through our routine and shows me the correct way exercises are to be done. It obvious that fitness is his profession and his passion. He always encourages me as he conducts an effective and fun workout. Thanks Peter - you are the best & I enjoy our workout sessions!
— Ellen M., Thumbtack

Petros (Peter) is very knowledgeable. Easy to work with and understanding as well as respectful. He can most definitely help you reach your goals. If you are looking to lose weight and tone up he is definitely your guy. Don’t skip out on the stretches either!! Keeps you healthy and feeling better!
— Robert D., Thumbtack

I used to dread working out. Now I forget that I am. I feel so much better and have so much energy. Peter is very knowledgeable he knows what works but most importantly he knows why it works. I truly think that his understanding of the body and exercise helps him to really help his clients.
— Linda V., Thumbtack

Peter is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional .Looking forward to having him help me achieve my goals!
— John J., Thumbtack

Very happy with Workout Anywhere. Petros is knowledgeable, friendly, flexible and not a clock watcher. You can work out in his basement gym or he will travel to you. A free training assessment was given to me as well.
— Adam K., Thumbtack

I had the opportunity of working with Peter for 4 weeks. Peter is very knowledgeable and took the time out to get to know my goals. He was flexible with scheduling and easy to work with. I am looking forward to working with him again.
— Amanda C., Thumbtack

Knowledgeable and has a passion to train. Bought a series from him and looking forward to the results
— Joe A., Thumbtack

Knowledgeable trainer who most importantly is on my fitness journey with me!
— Maria B., Thumbtack

Peter, my personal trainer, is a stand up person with a great personality. He is very flexible with scheduling. He is also educated in dealing with clients with injury and medical issues. Besides his experience as a trainer, Peter has a background education in the health sciences and has worked as a PHysical Therapy assistant. Peter helped me get out of my cancer treatment slump and trained me with an injured shoulder. Over four months I lost 14 pounds and gained back the energy and strength I lost during chemo and radiation therapy. I am back in shape again and have Peter to thank for this. I come to his home to train where he has a very well equipt gym but he will also come to you to train you. He travels from eastern Long Island to queens. I am very pleased with my results so far and I really like Peter as a person. GO FOR IT!!!
— Donna K., Thumbtack

I had my first session and was very pleased with the routine (I am 19 weeks pregnant). I really enjoyed the exercises that he had planned for me and felt great during the workout. I am looking forward to working with him to remain healthy throughout my pregnancy!
— Erin F., Thumbtack

Peter has a great personality and is very experienced. He tailors the workouts and gets feedback as he goes along so that the workout is very targeted.
— Alene S., Thumbtack

Peter really knows his stuff and really wants to help. He’s the only trainer I ever had that involved stretching after our workouts. His activities were new and unique and he always stressed good form. Very professional, comfortable to work with, and an all around good guy.
— Jay K., Thumbtack

The trainer definitely has a deep passion for what he does and I can see that in his work. He always brings the best tools wherever he works to have a great class!
— Cyril G., Thumbtack

Workout Anywhere does a great job. I am in much better shape.
— Lee Anne A., Thumbtack

Peter is awesome!! He works really hard to find any way to motivate me and find different exercises to keep me moving. He is fun, he gives me dieting tips, and it is awesome to be able to work out doing different things other than only working out in the gym. For me, having the commitment not only to myself (which usually fails) but, to my trainer, keeps me working hard between sessions. He never gets disappointed even if i cheat a little .. he is always encouraging and pushes me to the max. Peter is really awesome!
— Samara R., Thumbtack

Pete was amazing with our first meet. I felt comfortable we went over the basic and got down to some real deal health talk. I had to sign up i will see him later this week and stay tuned for my results.. he will definitely get me where i need to be.....
— Salees L., Thumbtack

After interviewing other candidates, I chose Peter because he was exactly what I was looking for. Peter has helped me to lose weight, body fat % and keep me extremely motivated. He has also provided some great advice when it comes to foods and diet. I’m so happy with my choice as well as the results and wouldn’t go anywhere else, thanks Peter!
— Debra R., Thumbtack

Peter is great he knows his stuff he makes you want to push yourself to get better with working out it’s never boring I Love it
— Liliana R., Thumbtack

Peter has met every expectation. He is reliable, motivating, experienced and very easy to work with!!!!
— Vinnie A., Thumbtack

I just started with Peter. He is a total professional and very sympathetic to your needs and goals, while still providing a very personal atmosphere. I would highly recommend him
— Anthony G., Thumbtack

I recently stared with Peter and I thrilled with him. He is always punctual, totally reliable, comes completely ready with everything needed and has already figured out what we will be doing that day—a total professional. And, he makes the workout really fun—so much so that I genuinely look forward to his arrival and working out with him—and I am not the kind of guy who likes to work out!! I recommend him to you without reservation—he is really special and I could not be more pleased.
— David L., Thumbtack

A truly outstanding personal trainer in every respect. He goes above and beyond to ensure that I achieve my goals. When I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, I cant believe I had this six pack under all that fat!
— Andrew H., Thumbtack

He was extremely knowledgeable and spent a lot of time on my needs. He is amazing
— Augustine S., thumbtack

Waking up at 6am is difficult and being energized is even more challenging. But Peter is able to keep me focused, engaged and enthusiastic with my 6am workouts and I leave feeling great and ready to tackle the day. He has listened to my workout goals and developed a personalized workout plan for me. I feel like I am working out more effectively than ever before and I can’t wait to see the results (I am only a week in). I was impressed the first session when he said that it was a better use of his and my time if I did my cardio warm-up before he arrived so that I wasn’t paying him to watch me run on a treadmill - I feel like that showed he respected that I was paying for training and he wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth. Peter has also given me great advice about nutrition and workouts outside of my training sessions with him. I feel like he knows his stuff and will ensure I don’t injure myself or strain anything while at the same time pushing myself beyond what I think I can do. I feel great and I’m very satisfied so far and would recommend him as a trainer to anyone.
— Catherine S., Thumbtack